my art spring tulips.jpg

                      "Spring Tulips"

Spring is flower painting time after winter I am ready for some colorful flowers.  These tulips where found at our local Daffodil Hills I couldn't resist them.  They are done in watercolor.


We have lots of dogwood around our area, they are always a delight to see.  These where started with a light colorful wash of pinks, yellows and blue trying to keep some of the white that is the magic in watercolor.  Then defining the detail with lots of glazing to achieve the finial painting.

My art Dogwood.jpg

                        "Bunch of Tulips"

I loved the highlights and shadows that are at play in these Tulips, it really shows off their form.  And enjoyed painting the nice loose background that gives you the feeling of more flowers in the distance.


                          "My Sunflowers"

These beautiful sunflowers where towering above my deck.  Looking at their sunny faces I could not resist I had to paint them.  I tried to paint them in a loose style, the background was painted last with a wet wash dropping in color.

art My Sunflowers wc 125.jpg