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                     "Old but not forgotten"

This old Dodge is located in Mokelumme Hill a favorite for both photographers and artist.  I love old things that show all the wear and tear so this was a must when I discovered it.  Painting the rust and dents was fun, the hard part was the windshield to make it look like you where really  looking through the glass of the windshield.

My Art old but not forgotten71817.jpg

                       "Bristle Cone Pine"

These trees struggle to survive in such a harsh climate, you can see all that struggle in there weathered textured trunks and branches.  I love painting them.  In this painting I also wanted to show an incoming storm one of the many that they endure.

Brisstle Cone Pine.jpg

                 "Uncle John's Team"

Growing up we would come up to visit and camp at my Uncle Schaad's Ranch.  I remember this team of horses.  My loved  of horses was so strong that for years that is all I drew, so I guess that is where my artistic career began.  This painting bring back found memories of my youth.

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