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                  " Nautilus In Netting"

The Nautilus shell in this painting was done as a demonstration on a small sheet of paper using inks.  The rest of the painting is of a ink pour I did using netting.  I loved the bold netting so started looking for something to go with it when I discovered the shell I knew I had found my star. 

I tour the netting to make the most visual  impact and best show of movement around the shell.  I always find it surprising that some little peace of a painting can become so important without the shell there would be no painting.

Natuilius in Netting.jpg


I started this painting first by wetting my papers  then spraying into the wet surface with magenta and black inks.  The inks left interesting textural patterns.  I then took the two paintings and cut them in interesting shapes then wove them together to make this bold painting.

My art Weave ac collage 1998.jpg

                 "Winter Wonderland 1"

This painting is done using inks.  It is reminiscence of several paintings that where made by pouring inks onto the paper then laying wax papers and different types of plastic into the wet ink, that creates the textures.  Loving all the colors and textures I played around with the shapes until I had a pleasing composition, I did go back into some areas with colored pencil where I felt it was needed.

my art winter wonderland 1.jpg

                     "Three of a Kind"

The back ground of this painting is done on crescent board after applying mat medium I poured on yellow ink then covered with plastic wrap which had some inks on it from another painting that transferred onto this painting.  The fish are cut outs from another painting, I used gold and white marker to enhance the fish.

My art Kind of Fishy.jpg
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