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I started this painting wet in wet dropping in lite colors of red, yellow and blue watercolor, then while still wet adding white gesso.  After that was dry I went in with black ink creating all the texture, the final step was to use white ink to high lite some of the rocks.

art Uncovered watercolor & Ink 2017.jpg

                   "Inter World Flight"

This painting is a collage of two ink pours that I did using netting to create the texture.  I covered the back ground with a white wash of acrylic, then I glued the round shapes onto the back ground, next I painted the birds with watercolor, the final step was to add the pink lines to help hold the composition together.

My art Inter world flight.jpg

                     "Copper Flakes"

I started this painting with an ink pour on wet paper using blue, yellow and white inks letting the colors mingle.  After the painting was dry I went back in with black gesso, then making the finial patters with acrylics.  I love how the flakes seem to float.

My art Copper Flacks.bmp

                    Dance of the Dragon"

This painting started when I was playing around with some new products.  The colors are fluid acrylics, the white is the paper.  I used a comb for some of the lines. This painting laid around for years unfinished it was never meant to be a painting but I came across it one day and saw this beautiful design and started to play with it.  First I created the back ground with the black gesso and added some of it to other areas of the painting.  I love all the motion this painting has.  I have learned through my creative process never to throw anything away the painting you don't like today may become something special tomorrow looking at it in a different light.

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